I am Janine Pendleton PFc, SLC Owner of Divine Cycle Steams. I am your local Peristeam Facilitator. I currently offer pelvic steam sessions and spiritual life coaching in my private office in Laporte. 

I began my journey of Vaginal Steaming after the traumatic birth of my first son. I had so much energetic and physical trauma in my womb space after an emergency C-section resulting in a 30 weeker preemie and a 68-day NICU stay. I was so upset at my body, I knew I had to do some serious healing. Pelvic Steaming allowed me the space for just my womb to be held, to feel safe and sacred once again. The ritual of steaming allowed me to reintegrate my womb space with my physical and energetic self. The physical benefits of steaming were great too, it helped to regulate my menses and brought success on my TTC journey with my second son. Can we also talk about the great sex and pleasure that steaming brought into my life as well?! That was a BONUS!!

I offer my Vaginal Steaming services to other women because I know how much of a significant impact it has made on me and my life and I need to share this with others. This ancient worldwide matriarchal knowledge has been almost lost and it's time women start empowering each other and sharing the magic so we ALL can live the life of our dreams. 

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