Alchemizing the Moon and Your Womb

Alchemizing the Moon and your Womb

Alchemy – A power or process that changes or “transforms” something in a mysterious or profound way. Medieval alchemy was a speculative science and philosophy aimed at transmuting impure, damaged base metals (like lead) into a higher and purer form: gold. On the spiritual level, alchemists work to transform themselves by eliminating the “base” material of the self and achieving the “gold” of enlightenment.

Lunar and Menstrual Alchemy will take the damaged wombs, narratives, and beliefs of the monthly uterine cleanse, and transform them into something powerful and beautiful. The ancient matriarchal knowledge of sharing the alignment and cycles of women with the phases of the moon may be one of the oldest religions on Earth. 

Each moon phase has a certain meaning to it and also looking at your current landscape can assist in developing a stronger relationship with the moon, higher self, universe, and source. By acknowledging, and aligning with the phases of the moon, we can create a life with fewer resistances, fewer frustrations, and better grace and understanding. The moon phase is important but also what astrological sign the moon is in, which changes every 2.5 days, gives flavor to the daily “emotional weather”. 

Now women also change over the course of every month. Our bleeding week is not the only part of this cycle, our hormones are changing every 5-7 days throughout the month. Each of these internal phases calls on us for different things. We have a different energy, different moods, different mindsets, and different bodies. Why would we expect the same actions and results from women all month? 

 You would be shaking your head at a gardener planting flowers in December right? Sure you CAN plan flowers in December but is that the best time for those kinds of flowers? Will they thrive, or even just survive being planted at this time?

We have the tools right in front of us to set ourselves up for success, we simply need to learn how to use them. You can look up every night and see the moon, stars, and planets. While we can agree that the moon moves things here on Earth, such as the ocean tides, and migration patterns of animals, we still only anecdotally acknowledge how the moon affects each and every one of us. 

When we pause and truly connect with our feminine bodies, and divine feminine energy during our monthly bleed, we are rewriting the narrative. The narrative is that this is a terrible curse, a pain in the ass, a dreadful week, and you dislike how you look, smell, and feel while on your period. We can ALCHEMIZE this energy and transmute the “impure, damaged, toxic” thoughts into a golden ray of self-illumination, authority, magic, pleasure, ease, and joy. 

By using Lunar and Menstrual Alchemy we can align to the cycles that we are currently in, and use them to their highest good. There is Divine timing and by being conscious of when we should take action, take rest, be social, and go within we can better alchemize our best life. 

Let me guide you to optimally utilize, align, and understand the lunar and menstrual phases of your life. Let me help you to optimize your outcomes by helping you to plant in the right season. Let me show you how to honor your monthly bleed and the other phases throughout the month. Let’s Alchemize your life and step into your Creatrix Era! 


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