The 5 Elements and Yoni Steaming

Did you know steam requires all 4 elements

It’s true ya know, steaming your vagina incorporates all 5 elements of nature, making it a very powerful tool in so many ways. I believe that if we can align with powerful natural processes used in the right manner and intention, we can create so much healing in our world. But first mama let’s start with you. Let me give you a quick glimpse of how vaginal steaming incorporates all 5 elements of nature. 

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit are the 5 elements of nature. 

Earth is represented in this setup by the container in which we hold the water for steam. It’s important to never use plastic bowls when steaming. The best practice would be to use a ceramic, clay, or metal bowl to contain the water. Earth is also represented by the herbs used in the steam. Each user will have a unique set of needs and outcomes; therefore, each steam user and each session may have a unique set of herbs to obtain the goal.

Air is represented in steam setup by helping to create the fire which warms and boils the water. Without air, there is no fire. As the water boils and turns into steam, the air element allows the steam to rise and ultimately rise up into the vagina and the uterus. 

Fire is represented in the steam setup as the heating element. Fire of course heats the bowl/ pot of water to create steam. The ignition of the steam process is vital. 

Water is represented as steam. We fill our bowl with water, infuse the herbs into it, and add fire, once it boils and creates steam. The herbal infusion in the water is now an herbal steam infusion that is transported to the womb space. 

Spirit is represented in steaming by honoring yourself. Sitting and being present, allowing your higher self, spirit guides, and angels to guide you and whisper in your ear in the quiet pauses. Here is a moment to honor the woman who needs this bit of calm, love, and nourishment. 

If using the 5 elements of nature to pelvic steam resonates with you reach out for a discovery call today. 


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