Vaginal Steaming; The Self Care you didn’t know you were missing out on

Vaginal Steaming

Self-care usually is thought of as a nap, a Starbies Coffee, getting your hair or nails done, and maybe even a massage. And while there is nothing wrong with doing any of those, I personally enjoy many of those things, I think it is missing the true self-care aspect of it. What would be the ultimate way you could care for yourself? Can you feel calm, pleasure, and nourished in less than 45 minutes?

Yes, absolutely there is and Vaginal Steaming also known as Peristeaming should become part of your next self-care routine.

While the title might take you aback for a moment, this is a truly and seriously powerful modality that does in fact, bring you calm, pleasure, joy, and nourishment in under an hour.

Imagine your favorite cup of herbal tea, diffusing the potent herbs into molecules that are consumed, smelt, and felt. As you raise this cup of tea to your face, you take a moment to breathe in the warm steam, the herbs, flowers, and magic that lies within that cup. Close your eyes, and breathe deep, can you feel it? Can you smell it?

Now take this beautiful sensation, and imagine your Yoni being nourished by those same elements. While we are not drinking the tea into our vagina, we are absorbing the steam and herbal remedies through the mucous membranes of our inner and outer labia, up through our vaginal walls, the cervix even gets love and nourishment from the steam. Steam is a potent tool as it can be a transport of nourishment, but it also lifts and penetrates into places that even water cannot easily reach.

It is a myth that you need to vaginal steam for cleaning purposes and an argument often seen in this respect is that the uterus and vagina clean themselves. Well, it is true that the uterus is a self-cleansing organ, just like the bladder or kidneys. We don’t steam to clean though, we steam to help the cleansing process be more effective and less painful. We steam to help bring circulation to the womb area directly. We are targeting the portal of creation so it can flow, release, and regrow as it is meant to. Vaginal Steaming has been known to help with so many pelvic issues, it is important that you steam or consult with a vaginal steam facilitator to ensure you have the appropriate herbal cocktail for you. Not every vagina is the same. Just as you and I are unique our wombs are just as unique in their needs.

Even if we were not to use any herbs, steaming with just water is still a valuable practice. We can steam girls and young women who show interest with just water. It is a beautiful way to discover, honor, and get to know your vagina and womb space. While steaming I encourage you to focus on your womb space, dive in, and just listen. See what comes up. What is she telling you? Often it may be things that are uncomfortable as we hold so much trauma and emotions in our uteruses. With consistent connection and steaming, you can develop a harmonious and reciprocal relationship with your vagina, womb, and menses.

But wait there’s more! Can I just tell you how wonderfully nice Yoni steam feels!? It is a beautiful balance of warmth, lifting, aromatics, and pleasure that you didn’t even know you were missing. While a nap might feel good on your tired self, sitting with yourself with the sole purpose of calm, nourishment, and pleasure is something so sweet and should be savored. As a mom, I had to work consciously to integrate this into my self-care routine, but now that it’s there, I don’t know if I was ever really nourishing myself in my self-care practices previously.

Now the last thing I want to add here is,…. Well, it’s done wonders for my sex life. I am more sensitive, and dare I say juicy when I have been steaming. If you are concerned about sex post steam, let me,… no no let my husband tell you, this steaming is a game changer! 😊 Both of us are enjoying the benefits of added pleasure and the confidence and magic that my Yoni is alchemizing.

Don’t just take my word for it, click the link below to get started on your journey back to nourishment and pleasure.


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