Violations of the Divine Feminine

divine feminine

Hello my dear ones, 

I am Janine, your local Certified Peristeam Facilitator, and Certified Badass Butterfly Spiritual Life Coach. I wanted to share a little about what drove me to share my experiences, knowledge, and healing with all of you. As we each have our very own experiences, our wounds as women can be felt deeply thru each of us. As I sat with my pain and pain points, doing serious introspection and many talks with my higher self, I discovered what my pain was rooted in.

Violations of the Divine Feminine. 

It explained so much when I got to sit with this phrase and reflect on my wounded womb. Not just physically, but energetically and emotionally. Not only had I allowed others to gash open these wounds, but I was also participating in rejecting my own Divine Feminine. 

Let me explain a little further about my spiritual philosophy. I believe that each person has both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy (spirit, life force) within, both energies are a part of the same Eternal Divine Source. While we each have this connection, challenges arise when we are disconnected from Source or these energies are not balanced, it can cause more chaos, pain, and resistance than we realize! 

An imbalanced individual or one rejecting or in violation of the Feminine energies may experience internal and external imbalance, energetic blockages, chronic pain (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental), physical health issues related to the womb, and living in fear cycles. 

An individual with balanced Feminine and Masculine energies has a direct and clear connection with Source, living in full expression, and fully in creation and manifestation energy alignment. There is no resistance and life can flow with ease. When efforts are focused on healing the connection and imbalance of the Divine energies, this can be a magical, transformative, and healing process. 

But what do I mean when I say violations or rejections of the Divine Feminine? Learned behavior, collective and cultural programming, and trauma, all can contribute to severing the threads of the Divine Feminine connection. Violations and rejections can be physical actions, energetic vibrations, emotional cycles based on fear, and more. 

The Violations of the Divine Feminine, or Womb Wounds as I also refer to them, showed up in my life in 3 predominantly big ways. First, loathing the feminine self by self-sabotage, self-harm, perfectionism, and emotional distress was so significant in my teens and 20s. Next, the shame of pleasure, the shame of the Feminine, shame of the Divine power within, these issues presented in my life in the form of sexual abuse, sexual violations, guilt and shame around pleasure, and guilt and shame around masturbation.  Finally, the last example of a violation of the Divine Feminine was my disconnection from my womb space, I loathed my body, was angry and sad at my womb space, hated my period, and had terrible bleeds and other PMS symptoms. This disconnection is possibly the most significant, resulting in creation and manifestation issues, infertility, traumatic pregnancy/ birth, body betrayal, disconnection from Source, and more. 

I think the craziest part for me is that I didn’t understand how harmful all of these rejections and violations were to my soul and physical body. Loathing my feminine self was so integral to who I thought I was for the longest time. I lived in an anxiety and fear cycle of perfectionism, self-sabotage, and ultimately self-harm became an outlet for those overwhelming pains. I lived in anxiety and just thought I was “Type A”, motivated, and driven, and this was normal. I don’t think I understood what anxiety was, it wasn’t something we talked about in my house growing up, and I had no reference point to it in my internal or tactile world. But when I met my husband in college and we started spending a lot of time together, he saw it in me immediately. My husband had struggled with anxiety throughout his life and he saw mine a mile away. He helped me label it, acknowledge it, and accept it. Once I saw how I was living in an anxious fear and loathing cycle, little by little I was able to shed those self-sabotaging, and self-loathing actions, thoughts, and vibrations as a part of who I was. 

When I started this journey, I thought my womb wounds were mostly a result of my traumatic births, and certainly, those were a part of it. But it wasn’t until I started to really sit with it, look at my shadows and the dark things that I had hidden inside of me, did I realize men had been wounding me and my womb from a very young age. I am unfortunately a part of this heartbreaking statistic provided by RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), “One in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult”. When sexual assault is committed upon you, especially at a young age, my body got so confused. Your body can still have the physical reaction of pleasure even though what is happening to you is scary and fully unwanted, a clear violation. For me, the assaults and violations that I experienced as a child lead me on a path of shame and guilt regarding pleasure. I also then realized that as a teen and young adult, I had been putting myself in situations where the boundaries were blurred with sex, pleasure, and violations against me and my body. In hindsight, I sought out men and relationships that fed into this cycle and the unconscious narrative of sexual violations and shame being the norm. 

Disconnection from my womb space and Source has been my priority focus in recent years. All of the past traumas, experiences, violations, and rejections, lead to me severing all the ties and awareness to the most powerful part of the woman’s body. The womb space is where we not only birth and incubate human babies, but it also grows and births ideas, vibrations, manifestations, and creations. The womb space is literally a portal of creation. Similar to most women, we were taught to view and experience our menstruation and natural cycles as disgusting, embarrassing, and something to hide. In reality, it should be something we attune to for the magic is in the cycles. On a girl’s menarche, her first bleed, is something we should honor, celebrate, and have rituals and right of passage around. That is not the case in today’s modern culture. But it also makes sense in that many women, myself included have experienced terrible symptoms and have physical issues around the uterus. I have experienced missing menses, painful and debilitating bleeds, irregular cycles, infertility, and traumatic births\pregnancies. How could women have a connection to their womb space when the above is “normal”? 

One of the modalities that lead me and propelled me on the path of healing all of these violations of the Divine Feminine was vaginal steaming. Just learning about the monthly cycle (that also cycles with the moon)  and how to attune and support womb wellness has changed my life. I feel more connected to Source than ever. When I Vsteam I am honoring and paying ritual to the Divine Feminine, my womb space, my body, and my femininity. And I haven’t even started to tell you about the actual benefits of the herbs and steam for your physical body! 

By using Vaginial steaming, attuning to the natural cycles of the menses and the moon, and honoring the Divine Feminine I continue to heal and transmute the Divine Feminine Violations that have wounded me. I would love to help guide you on your path of healing, alignment with source, and aiming for a life of ease and flow. Let’s transmute and alchemize the womb wounds and violations of the Divine Feminine in your life. 


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