Vaginal Steaming, What the Heck is it???

Vaginal Steaming

Ok ok, let’s just come straight out and ask it,….What the heck is Vaginal Steaming? 

Vaginal steaming is sitting or standing over an herbal-infused steam, allowing the steam to touch and penetrate your vagina and perineal area. Vaginal Steaming is the act of ritual and pause created with herbal elixirs and custom schedules, it is the act of steaming the entire perineum area. VSteam, vaginal steaming, yoni steam, and peristeam, all of these terms are the same thing, and I will use them interchangeably. 

What is Peristeaming like? Imagine it is like the act of enjoying a warm cup of tea from below. It should have the very same warming, nourishing, relaxing, soothing feeling that drinking a cup of tea would evoke. It is not the same as a bath or sitz bath. It is its own soothing-focused treatment. 

Peristeaming should be in every woman’s self-care toolbox for regular maintenance and focused needs. Whether you are in your maiden, mother, or crone phase yoni steaming can be helpful with the correct herbal blend for almost all womb needs. Vaginal steaming is a universal practice for women’s health. It has been documented as used in folk gynecology all over the world.  Click this link here to see the documentation of vaginal steaming from your ethnic roots.

This is truly an ancient universal healing modality. However, this matriarchal knowledge has been lost in many of our personal histories. This is due to it being something that has historically been practiced in isolation. This was also seen in the eyes of the patriarchal views as “evil medicine” and had been highly discouraged. However as this knowledge and practice are becoming more and more into the awareness of modern women, it is currently a commonplace practice in South Korea, Surinam, Palau, and Eritrea in homes as well as in hospitals and medical settings.

It is our right as women to steam. This practice does so many things but one of the most important is the reclaiming of our divine feminine power. We are allowed to, and we have the right to take back our gynecology. The benefits are many when talking about Vaginal Steaming. When used intentionally it can have a profound effect on your mind, body, and soul. 

The benefits of the mind and yoni steaming are allowing a time for pause, for ritual, for quiet, for a moment with self. As modern women in a modern world, we are constantly on the go go go if not physically still mentally. Allowing yourself a weekly ritual of pause, and quiet allows you to breathe and reset and leave the session feeling refreshed and not stressed. 

How does Yoni steaming benefit the body? Steam alone increases circulation to the womb area. Many issues with heavy and painful menses are caused by stagnation in the womb space. Increased circulation allows the blood to more effectively pull out more and cleanse the inside of the uterus more thoroughly than if the circulation was at its normal pace. Steam also helps to release and clear out the mucous in the uterus. Once the stagnation and mucous are cleared then we can focus on the other issues and address them with the correct herbal blends for your needs. From UTIs to BV to infertility to short or long cycles, etc etc the list can go on forever. Oh, and one last benefit for the body that steam users experience is an increase in sexual desire and pleasure. Yes, you heard it right, steam increasing the circulation in your vaginal and womb area gets everything moving and awake. 

Your soul benefits as well, which is icing on the cake at this point, right? Upon making vaginal steaming a weekly ritual for myself I noticed that it easily allowed me to connect with my higher self, my divine feminine. I was able to feel into and speak to my womb space from a place of love and compassion. I allowed the space for all of my energies to convene and unite. My divine feminine was so grateful for this. I had never allowed such a practice that truly honored her. My intuition also benefited from steaming. Since I was more frequently able to connect with my higher self it was much easier to tune in, tap in and turn on in my daily life. 

I truly believe that Vaginal Steaming is a divine healing modality that transcends mind, body, and spirit. I know that the ripple effects of bringing this knowledge back to women will be felt for generations after us. Even as a boy mom it’s important that we all learn to honor and make sacred the monthly cycles and bleeds that women have. 

If you want more information on Vaginal Steaming or want to set up a steam consultation, please reach out, and let’s connect my sacred sister. 


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